Welcome to our first blog post of 2021!

Here at 21S we sincerely hope that ’21 will be your best year yet – and we are here to help!

As you know, all network marketing professionals appreciate the importance of including social media into their marketing strategy. Unfortunately though, as platforms like Instagram have tweaked their algorithm through the years, a social media strategy doesn’t stop at simply having an online presence.

Today’s professionals are required to THOROUGHLY research their niche, IDENTIFY their cold market, and CREATE a warm market in order to best connect with their audience.

Instagram is a wonderful tool to help business owners in the multi-level marketing niche with this task, especially because multiple features exist on this platform to help you connect with your audience members in a unique and meaningful way.

Warm Market vs. Cold Market

New Instagram users can start by building their WARM MARKET up with friends and followers from other social media outlets. This will increase authority, engagement, and trust for your page as it grows. Simply put, your warm market is comprised of people who already know you and your business. They interact with your brand online, and they may even know you in person.

Everyone else on Instagram is your COLD MARKET. These are the people who don’t know you and have probably never heard of your brand. You don’t yet have a relationship with your cold market, but with some strategic approaches, you can easily move them from your cold market to your warm market. Your cold market is where the money is made on Instagram.


Warming Up Your Cold Market on Instagram

As mentioned above, IG offers a variety of different tools for network marketing professionals to utilize when reaching out to new audiences. It’s the perfect platform for getting new clients interested in your products and giving them a glimpse into everything that makes your business so GREAT! Instagram also allows strangers to build meaningful personal connections around shared interests and similarities, which only increases your brands trust and relevance.

The cold market is where all the magic happens on Instagram. You have access to millions of potential clients right at the tip of your fingers. Focusing on your cold market can make or break your business as we all eventually exhaust our warm market. If your cold market is done right it can be an extremely lucrative marketing technique. Imagine making a post and having tens or hundreds of potential clients reaching out to you!

Here are 3 tips for MLM business owners to increase trustworthiness and warm up their cold market on Instagram:

1. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a crucial component of Instagram marketing, especially when it comes to getting your account in front of new eyes. Hashtags can be used to distinguish people within a community or identify those with a shared interest. In the business realm, hashtags can be extremely beneficial for reaching out to potential clients in an organic way, keeping your business relevant.

2. Leave Engaging Comments

Like all social media outlets, Instagram is about building connections and relationships. One of the best ways to do this is through engaging, inspiring comments that leave other users wanting to visit your profile. Small business owners can use comments to reach out to accounts in their cold market, not only to catch their attention but the attention of their followers. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because your one comment could get seen by a few hundred potential clients!

3. Have A Stellar Profile

When it comes to your social media, your profile is everything. It says everything about your business, your values, your beliefs, and you when potential clients click your profile. It’s important to spend some serious time and effort on your Instagram bio, your profile picture, and the username that you choose. Make sure that you get your message across successfully the first time they visit.

Nourishing Your Cold Market

Remember, there are thousands of businesses pining for the attention of your cold market, so it’s important for you to show them exactly how yours stands out. Nourish your cold market with information that is valuable to them. Make sure to give them value in every post. Once a connection is established with someone in your cold market, you need to sustain it for a period of a few months. Cold markets do NOT develop overnight. It takes, on average 2-3 months to build the trust of these complete strangers. Even though it may seem like it is not working, you really have to stick with it as this is a crucial step to establishing a raving warm market and a lifelong customer.

You can determine whether someone in your cold market is ready to join your warm market by buying and supporting your business through behavior like:

  • Engaging on your business posts
  • Asking lots of questions
  • Messaging you on Instagram

When you see activity such as this, you know its time to reach out!

Nurturing Your Warm Market on Instagram

Instagram isn’t only useful for connecting with new accounts and growing your business though. In fact, this platform is especially beneficial for nurturing existing relationships and improving the trustworthiness of your network marketing company. There are several different ways for small business owners to focus on nurturing their warm market and converting them into paying customers. Some of these include:

1. Provide Testimonials

With today’s consumers surrounded by advertisements, the value of a true customer review has skyrocketed. This is why testimonials are one of the best types of posts for small business owners to share on Instagram, especially when focusing on the following already familiar with your products. Customer feedback, user-generated content, and influencer testimonials are some of the best posts to include on your Instagram business page.

2. Go Live Often

People are more likely to support businesses they “know”, and when they see your face often, and truly get to know who you are, they begin to feel loyal to you. Going live is one of the best ways to connect with your audience on a personal level, while also increasing brand visibility, and improving authenticity. People are more likely to be engaged with someone on a livestream, so make this an unforgettable part of your marketing strategy.

3. Use Reels

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you know the true value of Reels! They are a phenomenal way to interact and build that trust with your audience on a more personal level. Reels have overtaken IG stories as the GO-TO way to give your clients a glimpse into your day to day life. They help to build brand recognition and allow your audience to really connect with you every day. Instagrams algorithm is pushing Reels extremely hard right now so if your strategy isn’t focused on Reels, then it is time to make a change.

So How Can 21 Social Help Me?

At 21 Social, we understand how time-consuming and labor-intensive it can be to start and maintain a social media account, on top of every other area of your business. That’s why we are proud to offer small business owners a genuine, personalized Instagram growth strategy with your success in mind. Our services are an amazing way to target both your cold and warm markets through:

1. Niche Targeted Followers

You choose the niche and target market and we do the rest! We offer speedy, organic growth from a targeted pool of your choosing. Are you looking for females only, aged 25-45 in specific countries? We can do that! Are you looking for people in a specific geographic region (city/state)? We can do that as well! We all know that 1 targeted follower in your desired niche is worth more than 50+ non targeted followers who will never purchase from you.

2. SAFE Instagram Growth

We are all about account safety here at 21S. It is what sets us apart from the other companies out there. We only login from our US office locations – never from overseas or third world countries. What used to work with IG in the past, does not fly now and we have adapted! Your account safety is our #1 priority and we make sure that everything is done within IGs rules.

3. We Save You Time!

Our personalized “Auto DM” package allows us to send a custom DM message to your new followers without having to do it yourself. We all know how time consuming it is to do reach out DMs every day. Not anymore! We take care of that so you can focus on what’s important – building your brand, closing customers and ultimately making money.


Hopefully these tips above have helped you appreciate the importance of building that cold market on your Instagram. With a bit of time and hard work, you can really boost your sales by starting to target the more than 1 Billion users on IG!