Are you ready to say goodbye to cold-calling, chasing, convincing, and getting rejected? Imagine having customers reaching out to you every day, asking about your business, services, and products.

Attraction Marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts clients and customers who already want to buy what you have to offer.

This article is going to explain to you exactly how you can apply ‘Attraction Marketing’ to your business. When combined with our super targeted lead generation services, you will quickly start to get the results you want. Keep reading if you want to learn how to build a stable, successful, long term business without the stress of constantly chasing down new customers.

We are going to dig into an easy-to-follow 6-Step Attraction Marketing Method that you can use to attract people to YOU and your business.

PLEASE NOTE: We are using the network marketing (MLM) industry as an example for this post. However, the principles of Attraction Marketing can be applied to ANY business in any niche!

1) Brand YOURSELF, not your company.

The key to attraction marketing is branding YOURSELF, not your company. People don’t want to join companies, they want to join YOU!

If you’re in an MLM company, chances are there are thousands of other marketers out there trying to sell the same products. Branding yourself is how you stand out from the crowd.

There are three main reasons why you want to brand yourself, and not your MLM company:

  1. People buy products from people, not companies. People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. They want to join YOU. If you can brand yourself as a leader in your prospects’ eyes, they will feel like you can get them where they want to go and they will join you.
  2. Businesses come and go, but YOU will stick around. All companies, especially MLM companies, come and go all the time. It’s a known fact that 90% of businesses in any industry don’t survive the first year. Even if the company sticks around, MLM companies have been known change their compensation plans overnight, leaving its entrepreneurs with an unsteady income. Build your foundation on the only thing you can count on…build it on YOU.
  3. Branding the company will only lose you customers. When you market your company all over social media, a large percentage of your prospects will search for the company before connecting with you. And chances are they will find another leader to work with or a cheaper alternative to your product or service. You are guaranteed to lose a large number of prospects if you brand your network marketing company instead of branding yourself.

By the way, branding yourself is not about bragging about how much money you’re making, or have made. To be frank, nobody really cares about your impressive resume. They care about what’s in it for them. As you’ll see in the following steps, attraction marketing is about serving your audience and providing them consistent VALUE.

2) Define Your Audience

This step is absolutely crucial!! You need to be perfectly clear on who you are speaking to and who you’re trying to attract to your product or service. You need to decide what is going to be your brand, and what is the core audience you will be speaking to. Remember, when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

It’s time to dig deep and find out what your true passion is in order to build the most profitable businesses using Attraction Marketing. A great way to figure this out is to think about what you love talking about! If you’re not constantly excited about creating content about this subject matter, your prospects will be able to tell immediately. Remember, you’re going to be talking about this EVERY DAY so you better truly love it.

Once you figure out what you want to talk about, you can figure out who you want to be talking to. Be as specific as possible. Know your target audience’s age, gender, socioeconomic status, marital status, occupation, hobbies, education level, etc. The more specific and narrowed down, the easier it is to figure out exactly what they’re looking for in a product or service.

3) Understand Your Audience’s Challenges

Right now, there are thousands of people on social media complaining about the problems that your product solves… and that is exciting! There is opportunity everywhere.

Once you figure out WHO your audience is, you will need to figure out what challenges they are being faced with. Take the time to write out a list of your audience’s biggest challenges and needs.

Write down their:

  • Fears, struggles, and pains.
  • Dreams, desires, and needs.

This is the information you will be using when you are creating content. Their fears, desires, pains, and dreams are the “emotional trigger points” you can use in your content to grab the attention of your target audience. This leads us to the next point…

4) Create Consistent Content That Provides Value to Your Audience

The majority of marketers just post their links and codes all over social media, without taking time to identify what their audience actually wants. Nobody wants to be spammed with random links that have nothing to do with them.

In order to become a leader in your industry and attract people to your business, you need to create consistent content that gives your audience some kind of VALUE!

So how the heck do you actually do this?

Valuable content is any piece of content that addresses your audience’s top challenges, problems, and desires. Your content needs to provide solutions and answers that your audience is searching for. Find your audience’s ‘itch’, and then ‘scratch’ that itch! You need to think of their pains and struggles, their dreams and desires and try to join in on that conversation in their minds.

Post things that provide VALUE! @angieleeshow does a great job of this by packing her captions with tons of information.

Content can be ANYTHING that your audience can consume on social media or your website. Videos, blog posts, Instagram stories, Pinterest infographics, PDF downloads, podcasts, interviews, Facebook posts, etc…

Part of this step is deciding what platform(s) you want to build your audience on. You can focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, your website, YouTube, your email list, etc.

Start small with one or two platforms so that you don’t get overwhelmed right off the bat. Then research the best practices for those particular platforms. For example, if you choose Instagram you want to grow and engage your audience with beautiful images, videos, and Instagram stories. If you’re on twitter, you need to be an excellent writer but be able to keep things brief.

The award-winning equation for valuable content is anything that educates and entertains your audience, while providing them solutions to their problems. Your new job title is Professional Problem Solver.

Entertain, inspire, or inform. That’s the key to providing value for your followers! @Clayhebert does a great job of this by posting inspirational quotes that help his followers break down their obstacles to success.

You need to be churning out content every single day that educates, entertains, and teaches your audience. This content should sell your audience on the benefits of what you have to offer without actually doing any selling of the product or service.

By posting consistent content that adds value to their lives, and having actual conversations with them, you create a bond with your audience that allows them to see you as a leader! And because you are addressing their challenges and problems, they will start to view you as someone who is making their lives better.

5) Engage with Your Audience

The most effective way to build an audience that cares about what you have to say is by engaging with them consistently. For a majority of your customers, you’re not going to be closing any sales until you build their trust. When you build relationships with your followers and prospects, you start to build their trust. And that is absolutely crucial if you want people to do business with you.

There are three steps to building an engaged audience:

  1. Create valuable content that serves your target audience. Everything you post should be share-worthy, comment-worthy, and make people want to engage with you and your content.
  2. Interact with the people who engage with any of your content. Keep the conversation going by responding to comments and DM’s. Like some of their posts in return. Build relationships with people who are already interested in your content.
  3. Engage with people in your target audience. Follow, comment, and DM the people who want to hear what you have to say on the platforms you want to build.

If you execute these steps every single day, you will build an audience of thousands of potential customers who are eager to hear what you have to say. These steps will build you an tribe of active, engaged prospects who are interested in you and your business.

6) Sell to Your Audience and Create Multiple Revenue Streams

Here’s where all the hard work pays off and you start making some money and building your business. You’ve built a tribe of people who know, like, and trust you. You’ve created engagement. Now it’s time to sell.

Don’t even try to skip to this step without building an audience first. If you pitch to everyone you meet without building up your credibility and gaining their trust, they’re just going to see you as a spammer and you’re going to lose their business.

However, you need to be prepared that 90% of people will say no to your pitch — and that’s okay! In order to be truly profitable, you need to create multiple income streams to truly serve your audience. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

One of the wisest millionaires in the world, Mr Warren Buffet, said “never depend on a single income“.

Imagine if movie theaters ONLY sold movie tickets. They would go absolutely broke! Movie theaters make their profits from what you buy once you’re inside the building. They place massive upsells on popcorn, soda, candy, etc.

If your prospect isn’t interested in your product or service and you don’t have anything else to offer them, that’s the end of the road!

You need to think of ways you can still connect with, serve, build a relationship with, and offer the 90% a solution that solves their challenges. If you’re stuck and can’t think of another revenue stream to add to your business, here are some ideas:

  • Coaching Calls
  • E-Books
  • Online Courses
  • YouTube Videos
  • Affiliate Marketing

Become a solutions provider for your target audience and have multiple ways that you can serve them and provide value.

Final Thoughts

The best sales prospects are the ones who come looking for you. Attraction Marketing is the best way to stop cold-calling, begging, and chasing down customers. When you combine the techniques above with our super targeted lead generation every day, the results will be FANTASTIC. You will see a substantial increase in engaged followers – which always means more business!

The key to success when using Attraction Marketing is that you are constantly providing value to your prospects and addressing their challenges, needs, and desires.

The sales will come if your customers are convinced that you have the solutions to their problems and they trust you to solve them.